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Ghana: Number of Women Interviewed in Media for Expertise Declines

Accra, Ghana – September 6, 2023 – The second round of the Ghana Women Expert Project survey found that the number of women interviewed in the Ghanaian media for their expertise has declined. The survey, which tracked the number of women interviewed as experts on a wide range of topics, was conducted between February and […]

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Women Expert Project Findings – 2023

Introduction This research project aimed to track the number of women interviewed in Ghanaian media as experts. The primary objective is to measure the amount of airtime dedicated to featuring women experts in Ghanaian media and the specific topics on which they are interviewed. By doing so, the study seeks to contribute to a deeper […]

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Women Experts Monitoring in Ghana (Full Report)

Introduction When people turn on the radio every morning across Ghana, the voices they often hear belong to the hosts, politicians, analysts, experts, and other newsmakers -most of whom are men. Men dominate the media landscape in Ghana. A global report on the status of women in the news media found men outnumber women by […]

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